WOOOOOOOW!!! What a week!!!

I was invited by Star Surf Camps for the International Surfing Day! Me and my two friends went for a road trip to France! We drove by car and after about 20 hours of driving we finally arrived in Moliets. 

Sunrise during our way to Moliets

Its hard for me to describe the vibe of the Camp, but long story short it was an incredible nice week! Star Surf Camps did a really great job!!! They invited a lot of very interesting people for the International Surfing day. Among crazy pro surfers, bloody good filmers, amazing photographers, talented musician, great background dancer and famous blog writers they invited me as a pro snowboarder.  I am very grateful for the oportunity of being a part of such a nice initiative! I wish I could go back there for some longer amount of time!

What a creeeeew!!!

The Star Surf Camp crew was so cheerful that the positive vibe was always on the highest level. We had really good surf instructors. Beyond their big knowledge about surfing and usefull tips on how to surf, it was a real pleasure to see them in action!!! Thanks to instructors like Jamie, Sisco and pro surfer Miles I had a great time and I've learned a lot more about surfing, waves, timing and everything else.

`Me and Sisco Disco Partizani before sunset surfing

Every day there was a lot of different activities to take part in. One of them was yoga sessions. We had a great yoga teacher from Australia. She was trying her best to take us to the next level of meditation and she did it!!! I was always very relaxed after yoga session in the wood. It makes me feel calm and helps me to go deeper in meditation than ever. 

Yoga in the wood. That's what's up!

Except yoga there were many things to do and there was no time for boredom. 

People on the camp were always enjoying themselves

No space for boredom

One day we went for a trip to St Sebastian in Spain. Lots of food, good wine and amazing views. Really nice place to visit!

Tapas in St Sebastian is the best food on earth!

Admiring the view from the top of St Sebastian

Beyond a lot of activities we had also some time to rest, party, walk around the Moliets and enjoy life! Such a good memories shared with amazing people! The surfing vibe is soo positive that makes me wanna go back!

Sunset in Moliets!

Admiring the view and enjoying the life

Chillin' at the beach

I really recommend Star Surf Camp!!! If you want to spend incredible week among positive people you should go for it! And surfing is AWESOME!!!

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