We were shredding in Bear Mountain for about two weeks! It was a pleasure to ride in Bear!

Although we had some serious problems with the speed, because the snow was very slow and after 11 a.m was hard to hit some kickers or rails; we were enjoying every single day!

Once we went for a party in Bear and I found out that there are some competition the next day. A little bit hangovered I signed up and started in "The 2014 TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM Finals at Bear Mountain". 

The level was huuuuge! Young kids were throwing crazy tricks and the atmosphere was great! The kickers and rails were very creative and well prepared!

Here are some pictures of me and a video from the comps.

gap to boardslide


Last day in Bear was unlucky for my because i hit my knee and now I have to take some days off. We have just moved to Tahoe where is snowing right now. Hope to hit some big kickers here!!!

In the mean time Im making some mellow edit from Big Bear!!! STAY TUNED!!