Wow! It was a great week in Zakopane, which started on Thursday afternoon on Harenda slope. They have just built a huge kicker for the Polish Freeskiing Open and wolakbros were there from the very beginning. The jump was very poppy, but still really nice! Kuba came a bit later than me, but without any hesistation made a massive frontside 360 indy. 

Kuba was doing huuuuge staff

Tomo also was doing all right on the kicker

frontside 360 indy

Next day was sunny. So we decided to shred on Gubałówka slope. There were a lot of people shreding with us this day! Nice riding with a whole bunch of friends from "KTT MORDERCY" 

Gubałówka - love this place!

On Saturday we went to Białka Tatrzańska for the OSCYP CONTEST, which is the biggest snowboard competition. Kuba was riding very good, trying some heavy shit on the rails and flying high upside down on the corner. 

sweet tailgrab to wall caught by Mateusz Płoszaj




I was feeling good on snowboard after riding in US. I was trying to ride on everything. Made some nice stuff on the rails and couple upside down things on the corner. It was very hard to judge this event, because everybody were throughing crazy stuff! High 5 to every single rider for the original style! Finally, Marek Rauba won NIXON best trick doing hardside 450 to lipslide, Nikodem Franczak was third, Mateusz Zielonka second, and I got the first place. I was not excepting it, for sure not before the contest. So I'm pretty happy about it! Once again BIG UP for all the riders and everyone else who was part of OSCYP, and it was a pleasure to ride with u! See u next year OSCYP CONTEST!

Bluntslide caught by Mateusz Płoszaj

methodin' by Mateusz Płoszaj

methodin' by Mateusz Płoszaj