All week long we were working together to help in organizing Snowfest event. The originator of this event was the owner of Dworzec Tatrzański club, which is the best, biggest, and well situated club in Zakopane. He came with this idea some time ago, and asked us for some help. 

Long story short we made a very nice drop from the balcony and a small dirt jump. We were suprised how many people came to see this event! All the riders were doing crazy trick to win and amuse the croud. Beyond watching the best riders in Poland doing some backflips and spins, people were very satisfied from the commentator (Jan Kanty Wolak) who was doing great job to make it even more interesting!

It was a pleasure to work with my brothers and create an event in Poland, which amuses croud and gives fun to riders. We are hoping that the next year we gonna do it bigger and you all will come! See you next year!


Thanks to all the riders!!!

Backflippin' - people are lovin it!