Tomo can finally chill now. He is after World Cup and he did well. The course was really good. Nice rail section and huge kickers! The first kicker was a bit to popy though, so he had to change his trick from switch backside 9 mute to cab 5 melon. The rest of the course was perfect! He ended up on 44 position. Still it's a good place for the World Cup. There were 99 riders taking part in competition from all over the World. Except couple of riders like Mark Mcmorris or Sebastian Toutant who didin't showed up, everyone else were there! Tomo was in the same heat with Shaun White, Sage Kostenburg,  Marko Grilic and many others very good riders! So he is very satisfied with the run and now it's time to chill, ride for fun and also learn new stuff!!! Stay tuned new edit coming sooooon! And now some picture and video from second run. ENJOYYYYY